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zZz The Internationale zZz The Internationale

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

reminds me of the persecution of communists:(

Wonderful, sadly many demonstrations against right wing pigs and fantaical religious figures havent edned the same as the ones u ahve shown. In my old country iran during the islamic reolvution my father marched with many communists to protest agianst the sue of iran as a pawn of america to give oil in return for some western things, however things got worse for communists after the reovlution when islamic fanataics executed many communists. my father told of a day when islamic moral police marched in and shot 2 of his cmmunist friends in the head. :( as well as the godam nazis executing nearly 10 million ppl 3 million being communists. beautiful work however my friend i salut u my comrade! WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!

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Kenzu responds:

I know what you mean. So much blood has been already spilled to achieve the rights we have now. Equality is still far away and so many more heroes will fall before our world becomes the way it should be.

How sad it is that many people do anything for money and power, even shoot socialists and communists, who wish to improve this world.

Varp 01 American Student Varp 01 American Student

Rated 5 / 5 stars

beautiful comrade the best ever.

Great beuatiful i my self am a very strong supporter of communism and know an extremely great deala bout it. ppls greed prevents communism from working. Also what u say is true, right wing people are both racist intolerant greedy and liars look at rednecks in alabama. i must say we communists, socialsits and marxists ahvent had good representatives but look at ppl like che guevara. if it wasnt for ppl like him, ur dads and mums would still be working as slaves without any union or policies protecting their working rights. Great work my comrade i salute you.

Kenzu responds:

I don't live in the USA, but in the EU. Many millions of workers have been killed until we achieved our rights.

And it was the work of socialists and communists, who destroyed fascism, not only as USSR with the Red Army, but also partisans and Freedom fighters in Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany itself and all other European countries.

Socialists and communists are quite strong here in the EU. In many governments they are in power.